The Worst Houseguest Ever – Living and Coping With Hot Flashes

The Worst Houseguest Ever – Living and Coping With Hot Flashes

You know how it goes. You’re casually watching TV, dining out, trying to nod off to sleep … or any number of scenarios. That’s when it creeps in. The telltale sensation of heat – often around the head and face – that radiates downward. Your heartbeat might quicken. Your fingers may tingle. You feel flushed and break into a sheen (or a torrent) of sweat.

Hot flashes.

At a minimum, they’re uncomfortable and sometimes inconvenient. At their worst, they’re disruptive and embarrassing, leaving you drenched in sweat just when you need it the least.

These little fireballs (and their sticky pal, night sweats) are the most common symptoms of menopause. They come on suddenly and usually hang around for a few minutes … but can last as long as ten (rude). You may get them a few times a week or, unfortunately, a few times an hour. Brought on by hormonal shifts, hot flashes typically introduce themselves during perimenopause and last for an average of seven years.

So let’s recap. They show up uninvited, disrupt whatever you’re doing, overstay their welcome and return often. Hot flashes are basically the worst houseguest ever.

Cutting The Visit Short

There’s little you can do to avoid hot flashes altogether during your peri and menopausal years – but there are steps you can take to reduce their frequency and severity.

Staying away from the following triggers can help:

  • Stressful situations
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Spicy food
  • External heat sources
  • Tight clothing

Research has shown that regular exercise – especially the hot, sweaty, endorphin-inducing kind – can help lessen hot flash intensity. For night sweats, chill pillows and cooling bed sheets may help you get more rest. And of course, clothing made of natural fibers (all hail cotton!) is a must.

Chill Out Hot Flashes with Doctor Wise

In a perfect world, you’d never have hot flashes. You’d never have stress either. But we live in the real world – the one that’s decidedly imperfect. So if you can’t bear to give up coffee, wine and General Tso’s (we totes understand), if exercise is like a foreign language, and if replacing all the bedding is a non-starter, what’s a fabulous woman like yourself to do?

Yes, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an option, particularly for severe cases. That’s something best discussed with your medical professional. If you’d prefer a more natural solution for your symptoms, Doctor Wise has you covered.

At Doctor Wise, one thing we’ve learned is that although hot flashes are nearly universal among menopausal women, every woman’s experience is unique. Other symptoms can be just as disruptive and discouraging – and that’s precisely why we created a suite of products to help address everything from mood swings and occasional sleeplessness to a lack of energy, vaginal dryness and overactive bladder. And guess what? Each and every one of our products helps alleviate hot flashes as well.* Bonus!

Our products are free of hormones, soy and dyes. They’re non-toxic and convenient – you don’t even need a glass of water. And if the one you choose isn’t the ideal fit, you can return it for a hassle-free refund.

So when the symptoms of menopause have you feeling sweaty, exhausted, irritable and just not yourself, turn to Doctor Wise for natural, hormone-free relief. And send that unpleasant houseguest packing.